Study of dechlorination by natural adsorbents (chitin and chitosan)

El Mostafa Erradi, ayoub cherrat, Karim Jaafari


This study aim to the preparation of three adsorbent natural materials: crude chitin, chitin and chitosan extracted from shellfish, to study the elimination of Chlorides from a synthetic effluent. The process of adsorption of chlorides on these supports is described following the linearized method of the model described by Freundlich and Langmuir. The study of the influence of some physico-chemical parameters on the dechlorination process has been undertaken.And in order to approach the conditions of water dechlorination, we were also interested in the study of the influence of the presence of the counter-ions on the ability to remove chloride ions on chitosan. Moreover, we looked for the optimal conditions of desorption using a basic solution.


crude chitin ; chitin ; chitosan

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