Evaluation of the physico-chemical and metallic pollution of groundwater around the Landfill and recovery Center of Oum Azza (Rabat Region - Morocco).

M. EL Bayoudi, M. EL Mahi, E.M. Lotfi B. Baghdad, T. EL Ajraoui


To reduce the impact of solid waste on the natural environment, in particular its effects on water resources, Morocco has made great efforts to manage them. Indeed, in the framework of the National program for household waste, about twenty controlled landfills or landfill and recovery center (CEV) have been built to mitigate the pollution and nuisance of existing wild dumps. However, these controlled landfills remain an alternative whose environmental impacts are difficult to control. Thus, the present work aims to evaluate possible impacts of the solid waste landfill and recovery center (CEV) of Oum Azza (Rabat, Morocco) on the quality of the surrounding groundwater. The hydro-chemical quality of these waters intended for the supply of the rural populations of this region was studied through the spatio-temporal monitoring of a certain number of physicochemical and metallic parameters. Thirty-six samples were collected, analyzed and evaluated from nine wells in the four seasons of 2015. The results of this study show that the groundwater of certain wells near the CEV d'Oum Azza are highly mineralized and contaminated. This diversified contamination is probably due to anthropogenic effects including organic, nitric and / or metallic.


Oum AZZA CEV, Groundwater, Hydrochemistry, Heavy metals, Mineralization

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48317/IMIST.PRSM/morjchem-v7i2.14886