Optimization of Integrated Piezoelectric Transformer Based on Materials and Electrical Circuit Transfer

Aïda Chérif, Adil Eddiai, Mounir Meddad


During these last years, the demand of miniaturized voltage transformers increased with the fast multiplication of portable equipment’s. The miniaturization of the electromagnetic transformer is more difficult. An interesting solution consists of the use of the piezoelectric transformer of small dimensions which coupling among the primary and the secondary is assured by a mechanical vibration. The aim of this study is to show the possibility of using typical micro piezoelectric transformers to realize strongly integrated systems of millimeter-length size. As application, the produced energy by the piezoelectric transformer is stored in a battery. A micro controller connected in series with a chopper is used in order to control the power accumulated in the battery. In this paper we introduced the mechanical losses in the model of the piezoelectric transformer in order to improve the efficiency of the piezoelectric transformer.


Piezoelectric transformer, mechanical loss, voltage gain, efficiency, micro-controller

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48442/IMIST.PRSM/jasi-v1i1-3.9439


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