Characterization of ceramic waste filled unsaturated polyester resin for domestic applications

Mohamed FARSANE, Miloud BOUZZIRI, Souad CHAH, Abdellah ANOUAR


In this work an unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) containing porcelain powder prepared from ceramic waste were fabricated and subjected to various studies. The mechanical properties, thermal stability, and water absorption resistance of the UPR and composites prepared for each condition were evaluated. Results show that porcelain powder based composite found to have superior properties than that of unsaturated polyester resin in overall investigated properties. All the materials show a lesser amount of water absorption in short time immersion and the highest stability in water. Thermal degradation indicated that the composite is more resistant to temperature than unsaturated polyester matrix due to the effect of porcelain powder incorporated. The results of this work show that it is possible to use this type of ceramic waste in unsaturated polyester resin for preparation for new materials destined to domestic use


Ceramic waste; Mechanical properties; Water absorption; Thermal resistance

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