First astronomical preselecting site in the Beni Mellal region: On the use of satellite data

Z. Ihsane, El Arbi Siher, A. Salhi, C. Satif


In this paper we use satellite meteorological and geophysical data to compare three new sites to the Oukaimeden Observatory (J43) located in the Atlas mountains (Morocco).  The Three other sites are located in Beni Mellal mountains. The data are obtained from several satellites: MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer), AIRS (the Atmospheric Infrared Sounding System). Those three sites, located on the middle Atlas Mountain, are not far from the University of Beni Mellal by good roads. As results, we find that these three sites are of good quality and can be qualified to house some astronomical instruments, but in situ data are required.


Astronomical site testing – satellite data.

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