Islam & The Environment

zaghloul EL-NAGGAR


Islam establishes the fact that everything in this world is created with perfection, precision and exact balancing .This is demonstrated by both the details of our planet, and its numerous relationships with the rest of the cosmos. The interaction between the earth's atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere is a living example for such precision.

Similarly, man is created in the best of form, is given enough reason and free will, is entrusted with the planet earth, and is considered to be its vicegerent. To carry out the responsibilities of this vicegerency, man is given the divine guidance.

However, drifting away from such guidance, man started to be a destructive element on the surface of our planet. Through ignorance, greed, selfishness, carelessness, aggression, extravagance and many other injustices, man started to disrupt the natural balance of our planet.

Consequently, the gradual deterioration of the earth's different environments has become a real threat to the human existence, to life – in general – and to the plant life – in particular – due to the very delicate nature of plants. Because of this, Islam rules that any mischief exercised by man on the surface of our planet will be  accounted for in this world and in the world-to-come. Such mischief can be of a purely material nature, of an abstract nature, or of both. Material deterioration of the earth's environment includes both its physical, chemical and biological pollution, as well as the excessive exhaustion of its resources. Abstract deterioration is clearly demonstrated by the loss of the proper rules of man's stewardship on earth.


Conserving the environment, Man’s Responsibility about the Earth,

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