Bibliometric research analysis on the Oualidia and Sidi Moussa lagoons, Moroccan Atlantic coast


  • Khalid Elkalay
  • Hanane Rhomad
  • Ghoufrane Derhy
  • Zainab Damsiri
  • Fatima Ezzahra Ait Ballagh
  • Laila Natij
  • Wafae Belokda
  • Karim Hilmi
  • Omar Ettahiri
  • Belaid Bougadir
  • Karima Khalil



coastal research, Oualidia lagoon, Sidi moussa lagoon, moroccan atlantic coast, bibliometric analysis.


This investigation presents the evolution of scientific production, based upon a bibliometric study from 1974 to May 2021, including aspects such as the progress, trends, and hotspots of coastal research in Oualidia and Sidi Moussa lagoons (Moroccan Atlantic coast). In addition, the research investigation includes publication year, document type, language, and mainstream journals. Co-words, co-country and co-authorship analysis were conducted using VOSviewer software. A total of 351 publications were extracted. Of these publications, 276 (78.63%) were academic papers. The study revealed a disparity in the research distribution: 62.11% of the total publications were referred to Oualidia lagoon and only 37.89% to Sidi Moussa lagoon. 57.26% of them were produced between 2011 and 2021. Morocco, France, and Spain are the most important countries for international cooperation in this research area. Studies did exhibit heterogeneity regarding research priorities. Some prioritized environmental monitoring and water quality issues, while others focused more on topics such as heavy metal pollution. In contrast, the application of new monitoring methods for lagoons investigation, new technologies, processes, and models of ecological restoration received little attention.


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Earth, Water and Oceans, Environmental Sciences