Time-tracking of the natural and anthropogenic metals input into the lagoonal complex of the Oualidia-Sidi Moussa


  • Nezha MEJJAD Faculty of Sciences Ben M'Sik Hassan II University, Department of Geology, B.P 7955, Casablanca 20670, Morocco Faculty of Sciences El Jadida University Chouaib Doukkali, Department of Geology Avenue des Facultés, El Jadida 24000 - Morocco.
  • Abdelmourhit LAISSAOUI National Center of Energy, Sciences and Nuclear Technologies (CNESTEN) Rabat – Morocco.
  • Ayoub BENMHAMMED Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofail University, Department of Physics, Kenitra, Morocco.
  • Khalid EL KHALIDI Faculty of Sciences El Jadida University Chouaib Doukkali, Department of Geology Avenue des Facultés, El Jadida 24000 - Morocco.
  • Badr EL MAHRAD
  • Ahmed FEKRI Faculty of Sciences Ben M'Sik Hassan II University, Department of Geology, B.P 7955, Casablanca 20670, Morocco.
  • Ouafa EL HAMMOUMI Faculty of Sciences Ben M'Sik Hassan II University, Department of Geology, B.P 7955, Casablanca 20670, Morocco.




Oualidia lagoon, Sidi Moussa lagoon, sediment, S.Q.G., pollution assessment.


The present work aims to track the natural and anthropogenic metals input into the lagoonal complex of the Oualidia-Sidi Moussa and assess their sediment quality by applying the International sediment quality guidelines. We compared the concentrations of metals (Cu, Cr, As, Zn, Ni and Pb) measured in the sediment of the lagoonal complex of the Oualidia-Sidi Moussa between 1976 and 2017 with a range of sediments quality guidelines values. The comparison showed a decreasing trend of metals concentration in the last decade in the Oualidia lagoon except for As, Cr and Cd. Similarly, in the Sidi Moussa lagoon, both Cd and Cr displayed higher concentrations exceeding the threshold effect level values signifying possible toxic risk for marine biota living. This review revealed the effects of irresponsible growth of human activities on the environment, threatening natural resources and human well-being.

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Murray Foundation, Brabners LLP, Horton House, Exchange Street, Liverpool L2 3YL, United Kingdom.

CIMA, FCT-Gambelas Campus, University of Algarve, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal.

Laboratory of Geoscience, Water and Environment, (LG2E-CERNE2D), Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco.


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