A Decision support Framework for the Management of Sidi Moussa-Oualidia Lagoons: Moving toward Sustainability


  • Badr EL MAHRAD CIMA, FCT-Gambelas Campus, University of Algarve, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal
  • Rajae AIT ALI Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
  • Mohamed BEN-DAOUD Faculty of Sciences, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes, Morocco
  • Nezha MEJJAD Laboratory of Applied Geology, Geomatics, and Environment, Ben M’sik Faculty of Sciences, Casablanca 20670, Morocco
  • Meryem TOUZANI Laboratory of Geoscience, Water and Environment, (LG2E-CERNE2D), Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
  • Ismail MOHSINE Laboratory of Geoscience, Water and Environment, (LG2E-CERNE2D), Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco




Management Framework, DAPSI(W)R(M), Sustainability, SDG


The Moroccan lagoon's Oualidia – Sidi Moussa complex, located between land and sea, is important for its environment and the valuable ecosystem services provided to the local population. However, increasing urbanization, aquaculture, agriculture growth, fishery demand, and tourism trends, among other activities, have created several problems that affect natural resources and human interest as an obstacle to achieving sustainable development. In this paper, we used the Drivers-Activities-Pressures-State Change-Impact (on welfare)-Responses (as Measures) framework (DAPSI(W)R(M)) to assess and evaluate complex management components of multi-aspects issues covering social, environmental, economic and policies parts. The responses provided under the Sustainable Development Goals will help provide a structured tool that local managers and decision-makers could use to improve the environmental health of ecosystems, the socio-economic aspects of the surrounding population towards a resilient ecosystem, and achieve sustainability on a large scale.


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Earth, Water and Oceans, Environmental Sciences