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Vol 11, No 2 (2021): Climate variability, change and impact in southern Morocco: Evidence and understanding

The CHARISMA international network has made a special effort to reconstruct past and recent climates, their variability, and impacts. Multi-proxy approaches are used to study the paleoclimate record of the past 2000 years, focusing on the last Century. The results of this program and other studies provide a rich context for interpretation in the drylands of southern Morocco.

This special issue is carried out within the framework of the CHARISMA project with the support of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology.

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Table of Contents

Earth, Water and Oceans, Environmental Sciences

Yassine Ait Brahim
Mohamed Beraaouz, Yassine Ait Brahim, El hassane Beraaouz, Fabrice Monna, Abdelfettah Sifeddine, Lhoussaine Bouchaou
Marieme SEIF-ENNASR, Lhoussain Bouchaou, Youssef Brouziyne, Mohamed Chikhaoui, Redouane Choukr-Allah
Tilila Ait Jeddi, Mohammed Hssaisoune, Aicha Saad, Zine El Abidine El Morjani, Mouad Mazziz, Mohamed Beraaouz, Lhoussaine BOUCHAOU
Ahmed ELKOUK, Zine El Abidine EL MORJANI, Lhoussaine BOUCHAOU, Abdelghani CHEHBOUNI, Abdelfattah SIFEDDINE
Adnane Labbaci, Lhoussaine Bouchaou
Abderrahmane Wanaim, Elhassane Beraaouz, Abdelfettah Sifeddine, Lhoussaine Bouchaou
EL HASSANE EL MAHDAD, LAHOUCINE BOUCHAOU, EL Hassan BERAAOUZ, Abdel Sefeddine, Alessandro Rizzo, Mohammed Hsaissoune, Adnane Labbaci, Hanane Reddad, Abdelghani Chehbouni, Elisabeth Huber-Sannwald
Rizzo Alessandro, Abdelfettah Sifeddine, Lhoussaine Bouchaou