Design of Reactor for The Production Co3O4 Nanocrystal

Ghea Dinda Nugraha, Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto


This study aims to design a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) reactor used in the production of cobalt (II, III) oxide (Co3O4) nanocrystal. The calculation of the mass balance is carried out in this study as a benchmark to determine whether the reactor is working well by knowing the flow of incoming raw materials and the products produced by the reactor. Furthermore, the design of the reactor and the design of the stirrer used in the reactor is calculated manually using Microsoft Excel. Based on the calculation of the reactor design, the reactor volume was 1967.78 liters, with a vessel diameter of 44.77 in, a cylinder height of 5.16 in and a cylinder thickness of 0.10 in. The top cap of the reactor measures 7.57 in with a thickness of 0.098 in while the bottom lid measures 12.94 in with a thickness of 0.14 in. So that the overall height of the reactor is 26.33 in. The reactor is equipped with 1 stirrer with an impeller diameter of 22.49 in, an impeller height from the bottom of the tank 14.92 in, an impeller width of 4.50 in and an impeller length of 5.62 in. Turbulent stirring flow conditions with a standard motor power for the stirrer is 10 HP. This design is expected to be a reference in designing reactors to be more economical, effective, and have high requirements.


Co3O4 nanocrystal, production, CSTR, reactor design, reactor stirrer

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