Towards increasing feedbacks and widening the diffusion of information in Social Network


  • Mohcine Kodad Centre de Recherche de l’EHEI, Oujda - 60000, Morocco
  • El Miloud JAARA LARI, University Mohammed First, Oujda - 60000, Morocco


Social network, Feedbacks, Diffusion of information, Faceboo


The aim of this document is to make sure that our two strategies which allowed the increase the feedbacks and the widening of diffusion of information on social networks. starting by determine the problem thanks to a survey which we have put on line and which also look out to assist searchers at the domain of understanding precipitation the behavior of users for adopting the possible improvement. The passing of information received has been done with an experimentation which allowed to start the types of postings had a reach rate the most increasing. among the outcome of this study, there have resolution the problem of the non-satisfaction of social network' users and the increase of diffusion of middle information our two strategies, this book based on the nature of posting and the other is automatic which takes into consideration the notion of collaborative working.