Towards a Positive Portrayal of Women in Moroccan Popular Proverbs


  • Mohammed DERDAR

Mots-clés :

popular proverbs, Moroccan culture, positive portrayal, women


This paper reflects on women‟s portrayal in Moroccan popular proverbs. Contrary to previous Moroccan studies (Ennaji, 2008; Saddiqi, 2011; Fati, 2013; Belfatmi, 2013; Derdar, 2016) which have dealt with the negative portrayal of women in most popular proverbs, the present study lays emphasis on those Moroccan popular proverbs which portray women in a positive light. The aim is to help promote a balanced proverbial discourse which does justice to women‟s overriding role in all walks of life. The data of this study were collected through an e-mail questionnaire, which targeted 60 respondents from Chouaib Doukkali University, El Jadida. The findings show that all the respondents (100%) agree that most popular proverbs on women are negative, and the large majority of them believe that men use more negative proverbs in their daily conversations than women do. It is also found that most respondents are aware of the fact that there are many positive proverbs on women, but these proverbs are not frequently used in common verbal communication.