Distance Learning as an alternative approach in Morocco : Covid-19 confinement case study

Abdellah Ladham, Abderrahim Anbi, Nadia El Kadmiri


Distance learning has become unavoidable nowadays in Morocco. During Covid-19 confinement, students had to stay home and avoid gathering in schools, universities and any public areas. The only way to solve this problem was to use distance learning as a substitute for traditional face -to- face teaching. The main objective was to compare traditional education and distance education modes and how students have conceived the change. We carried out an electronic questionnaire. Five hundred sixty online responses were analyzed. The results indicated that distance education remains in its infancy and the education system has not been prepared well enough to initiate and prepare the ground for this type of learning in addition to the lack of the necessary capacities for learning.


Distance Learning; Covid-19 confinement; face -to- face teaching

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