Distance Education as an Alternative Mode of Learning in Morocco

A. Ladham, A. Anbi, N. El Kadmiri


Online education has become unavoidable due to Covid-19 confinement. The research community consisted of  students of different colleges, public and private in Souss Massa,  south of Morocco. The main objective was to compare the traditional and distance education  modes and how students conceive the change; trying to compare between the opinions of students before and during the confinement period, and whether they can opt for distance learning one day. The resort to an electronic questionnaire was compulsory to answer the major problematic which is: is distance education going to substitute traditional education in the future or not?

 This article contributes to the sociological literature on remote education by drawing on qualitative and quantitative data generated through 560 online electronic questionnaire responses. Results indicated that distance education was still in its infancy and the educational system was not prepared well enough to engage and provide ground for this type of learning.


Distance education; alternative mode of learning; distance learning; traditional education.


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