A New Design of a High Efficiency Rectifier Circuit for RF Energy Harvesting Applications At 2.45 GHz

Soumaya almorabeti almorabeti, Mounir Rifi, Hanane Terchoune


In the last several decades, the development of efficient and compact rectifier circuits for rectenna system has become a vital research topic. In this paper, a microstrip RF- DC rectifier circuit has been proposed at 2.45 GHz for high RF energy harvesting applications. It is based on a single stage voltage doubler topology using the packaged Schottky diode HSMS2822. The proposed circuit is designed, simulated and analyzed using LSSP simulation and Harmonic Balance method provided by ADS software. It has achieved a high output voltage of 19.5 V and a good RF-DC conversion efficiency of 75.24% for input power level of 25 dBm when the optimal load resistance is 1600 Ω.


RF energy harvesting; Microstrip rectifier circuit;Rectenna

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