From a classical Cross dock to a PI cross dock: Latest Advances and New Challenges

Sanae Larioui, Mohamed Reghioui, Abdellah Elfallahi, Kamal Eddine Elkadiri


Physical Internet is a new concept based on the encapsulation of cargo via the adoption of standardized containers (called PIcontainers), and the use of standard protocols for routing them between logistics actors. For the physical internet approach becomes a reality, the efficient management of cross-docking facilities (called in the following PI-hubs) is essential. Fast and flexible transfer of PIcontainers from one carrier to another is the main activity of a PI-hub.
The objective is to ensure the rapid and synchronized transfer of containers through the interconnected logistics networks. The paper focuses on differences between a classic cross dock and a PI-hub and then presents various transformations to a cross dock to become a PI - hub.


Physical internet; cross dock; PI-hub; PI-containers

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