Warehousing process improvement through Implementation of Lean: a case studies of optimizing and reorganizing two warehouses in Morocco

Mohamed MAMAD, Nihad Mouyouh, Jihad Aboulhaoua


The paper aims to explore and identify how the warehousing operation and process can beimproved by usingconcepts and ideas from Lean and Six Sigma. As the value in a warehousing is created by being responsive to customer order and because of that lean warehousing encompasses elements of agile production. Our goal is to identify how effectively the lean warehousing influence the performance of a warehouse processes. Thus a combination of theoretical and empirical through case studies is mobilized. Further data collection was performed through observations and interviews, which were used to acquire understanding about the changing processes, as well as by setting the ground for further research and managerial implication to testing.


Warehousing, quality, continuous improvement, Lean, Six sigma, 5S;

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