La prestation logistique au Maroc : caractéristiques, enjeux et perspectives

Y. Alami, W. Hdidou


The logistics sector represents an important stake for Morocco both in terms of economic growth and in terms of national competitiveness. It also represents social and sustainable development issues in the context of urban congestion, pollution and road safety. Morocco has deployed several strategies aiming at upgrading and improving the competitiveness of strategic sectors for the national economy. Agriculture, maritime fishing, industry, internal trade are all examples of sectors covered by structural reforms. Within the frame of this work, we will present the main thrusts of the national logistics strategy with an emphasis on the emergence of an actor who plays a major role in boosting the sector, namely the logistics service provider (LSP). To achieve this, we have structured this contribution into three axes. The first one presents the current state of the logistics sector in Morocco, based on ministerial statistics. The second axis focuses on the challenges of this sector for the Moroccan economy and presents the main thrusts of the logistics strategy. Finally, the third axis is devoted to describing the activity of LSPs operating in Morocco.


Logistics Service Mrovider, Morocco logistics sector

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