The introduction of managerial innovations in logistics: the case of logistics service providers in the province of Nador


  • Anass KASMI Ecole nationale de commerce et de gestion-Oujda
  • Driss HELMI Ecole nationale de commerce et de gestion-Oujda
  • Tarek LAKHLOUFI Ecole supérieure de technologie- Nador


Mots-clés :

Innovation, Managerial Innovation (MI), Logistics service providers (LSP), Management methods, Supply chain.


The logistics sector is one of the sectors most affected by the Covid19 health crisis, total closure of borders, disruption of the global supply chain, and a flagrant loss of momentum in current managerial practices. Companies, especially logistics service providers, must be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes in the economic environment in order to survive and prosper. The introduction of managerial innovations is proving to be a lever to achieve and converge towards a flexible and adaptive supply chain.
To this end, our work focuses on the contribution of managerial innovation in the daily activities of 31 LSP located in Nador. We conducted semi-structured interviews with various stakeholders, and our results show that managerial innovation influences and contributes to the development of logistical processes.