Valuation of Local products and the problems of contributing to the solidarity economy. Case Study Begging Economic Benefit Group


  • Zakaria El kadiri université Hassan II, Casablanca


Mots-clés :

local Product, economic interest groups, cooperative, solidarity economy.


The two communes of Awlad Zbair and Bani Farassen constitute a fertile ground for research on this subject through the interventions of the actors known in the field, especially in the agricultural cooperative sector, given the connection of the two communities and their production systems to the primary sector and the extent of its contribution to the solidarity economy as a catalyst for integration into the national economy, and as an effective model more responsive to the needs of self-employment. It plays vital roles in fighting poverty and social exclusion. This new implementation seeks to equally help the economic and social structures by linking between the local natural resources and the human resources active in the fields of the agricultural cooperatives. In order to tackle this subject, we will be analyzing the case of the two territorial communes OULAD ZBAIR and BNI FRASSEN as an example of a cooperative activity and an agent in the solidarity economy, with putting emphasis on local development through the new image of the economic interest group (The Agricultural Cooperatives Union) within the two communes.