Environmental factors that encourage women to be entrepreneurs



Since the 1990's, all over the world, we are witnessing the participation of women in leadership in the fields of wealth, knowledge and power. Nowadays, women play an important role in the country's economy, and are part of a process of change with high added value. She has become an actor of development despite the challenges, especially the resistance of the society. In this perspective, the question that concerns us is to identify and understand the environmental factors that can encourage women to be entrepreneurs. Essentially, our research methodology is based on the study of the field through an internal vision. Its data is drawn from the semi-structured interviews we conducted with the different women interviewed. At the end of the empirical investigation, the results show that, the factors related to its family context and professional relationships are levers for women entrepreneurs in the Fez-Meknes region.


Women; leadership; entrepreneurship; women entrepreneurs; Fez-Meknes region.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48396/IMIST.PRSM/mjeim-v7i1%20&%202.35705

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