Ethical behaviour of future managers: Students from the Province of Kenitra as a Case Study



The purpose of this paper is to determine management sciences students’ perceptions of business ethics. To achieve its objectives, the study uses the ATBEQ "Attitudes Toward Business Ethics Questionnaire" as a tool through the four economic dimensions of Stevens (1979), namely, Machiavellianism, Social Darwinism, Objectivism and Relativism. Moreover, the present survey analyses the influence of demographic variables such as age, gender and level of training on these students’ behaviour.

The results of this study confirm that demographic and personal characteristics are important factors influencing students' attitudes towards business ethics. Moreover, the expected results also show that there are no significant differences with respect to the ethical behaviour adopted by management sciences students. It is believed that this study, based on the analysis of students' attitude towards ethics in business, can contribute to understanding their future behaviour in ethical decision-making as future managers.


: Ethical behaviour, ATBEQ, business ethics, Attitude of future Managers

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