Strategy towards the territory of establishment and social commitment of the multinational company. Case of the automotive industry in Morocco



The implementation of a CSR approach, remains strongly linked, to the context or country of establishment, to stakeholders, to stages of economic development, to the belief system, and to institutional capacities. This relationship explains a certain asymmetry in the dissemination of these CSR practices from one company to another, from one business sector to another and from one country to another. This divergence can be explained by several factors, such as the diversity of stakeholders and their expectations, sectoral variation, organizational contexts and local specificities in economic, socio-cultural terms, etc.

This paper deals with the subject of the impact of the multinational's relationship with its host territory as a determinant of its social commitment, starting with a literature review on the notion of territory, the chosen research methodology and the discussion of results obtained.


CSR, Territory, Strategy, Morocco, Automotive industry

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