The Entrepreneurial Practices In Family Firms « Case Study -Algeria-


  • Fatiha GUESSAS Université de Tlemcen
  • Wassila TABET AOUEL LACHACHI Université de Tlemcen


Mots-clés :

family firms, family members, entrepreneurial behaviour, corporate governance.


More than 98% small and medium business in Algeria represents private sector which  devides  to : legal entities, liberal business, artisanal business, and in this percentage  97% are very small business according to the statestic of 1st semester 2016. And the ownership structure of  the most companies are familial, so that we focus our research on this kind of firms in Algeria.

In this study, we focus on the affect of the family, managerial practice and goal, strategy of firms in entrepreneurial behaviour in the Algerian family firms. As a results, the Algerian family firms have a greater interest in managing its ownership and involved the shareholders in the discussion of goal and strategies but, according to the legal form of the family firms, and most of them do not have a clear plan in the subject of the succession. Also, they agreed that the natural character of the owner of the family firms and the extent of his awareness and exploitation of the opportunities are significantly affected in the support of the entrepreneurial orientation in Algerian family firms, added to the degree of the interest of the family members (the children) about the work and management in the family firms.

The activation of the application corporate governance principles of the OCDE in Algerian family firms ensures its sustainability and contributes to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit trans-generational.

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Fatiha GUESSAS, Université de Tlemcen

Doctorante, Université de Tlemcen

Wassila TABET AOUEL LACHACHI, Université de Tlemcen

professeur,Université de Tlemcen