The relational integration of supply chains: Project for the implementation of a collaborative digital platform

Kenza IDRISSI, Mohamed MAMAD, Abdellah HOUSSAINI


In recent years, a wave of major changes have been observed in all the business processes of supply chain actors. From the shipper to the freight forwarder to the carrier and the driver, the entire supply chain ecosystem is currently undergoing an increased digital transformation and is opposed to processes that are less or more efficient.

This is mainly due to the advent of new innovative logistics information systems, in the form of collaborative platforms or applications that enable the dematerialization of e-mails or telephone calls. It is in this line that the digitalization of logistics activity has begun to impact business processes such as transport. This transversal approach combined with a process approach has led us to propose an innovative digital solution adapted to the transport sector and to each of its participants in the relational integration of the supply chain. It will allow the exploration through the testing of qualitative variables linking the different chosen theoretical constructs.


SCM; Transportation; integration; relational; IS, collaborative digital platform

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