Development of a Fuzzy Hybrid Approach for Solving the Maintenance Strategy Selection Problem in Macro systems



For any organization, maintenance is considered as one of the most essential logistics activities and plays a vital role in the production phase. Due to the rapid advance in technology and economic trends, the logistics metrics have sharply increased. However, not only are the logistics requirements associated with new systems rising, but the maintenance and support costs of sophisticated systems are increasing at alarming rates. Systems have become more complex and their requirements no longer meet the highlighted goals for the current system state-of-art. As a solution to this problem, a need remains for developing a useful methodical approach and offering a simplified multi-criteria model for enhancing the process of selecting the most adequate maintenance strategy for macro system. The present study carries out a hybrid multicriteria approach with the support of the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP) model for the criteria weights evaluation and the fuzzy weighted aggregated sum product assessment (WASPAS-F) model for the alternatives assessing. The final results of the applied model affirm that proposed approach is efficient and appropriate for overcoming the maintenance strategy selection problem for macro system and enhancing the future decision-making, especially, in developing world where the sources are scarce.


Logistics, Maintenance strategies, MCDM, FAHP, WASPAS-F

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