Review of risk management standards: Convergences and divergences




Risk, risk management, standards.


Risks are evolving and risk management too. As a part of this evolution, many professional bodies had released their own methodology, tool, and techniques to deal with uncertainty. From the early 1990s, a growing number of national and international standards risk management have emerged. These publications concern both private and public organizations. They aim to present guidelines and best practices to implement and to support a risk management policy.  The purpose of this paper is to provide a review of risk management standards. In order to do that, we compared nine national and international standards. The results show convergences and divergences.

Author Biographies

HANANE HADDAD, Abdelmalik Essaâdi university

Ph.D. on management 

Associate researcher to research group territorial governance and sustainable development  

FADOUA LAGHZAOUI, Abdelmalik Essaâdi university

Professor of management 

department of economics and management