Implementation of a new detector tool of drug drug interactions



drug-drug interactions, litterature based approaches, prediction, dynamic filter predictor


Drug–drug interactions play a vital role in drug research. However, they may also cause adverse reactions in patients more likely with elder people , with serious consequences. so it is urgent to use computer methods to solve the problem. Thereare traditional approaches to identify known drug interactions linked to tools including the prediction unknown drug interactions. In this paper, we will present and define a new implementation of an application initially with an excel projection this application is made with the literature-based method is special because it combines the extraction method of DDI and the prediction method of DDI. We first introduce the general information , then briefly describe methods , and summarize with the application demo of some important disease for elder patient . Finally, we discuss the importance of the dynamic filter in the Healthcare sector . This paper aims to provide useful guidance for interested researchers to further promote bioinformatics algorithms to more develop this application

Author Biographies

Marouane Bnitir, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Graduate student, public health department.

Konstantin Aleksandrovich Koshechkin, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical

PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of the information and Internet Technologies of the Institute of Digital medicine


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