The Socio-Economic effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Southern Africa


  • Abdelala BOUNOUH Abdelala Bounouh Universit√©



Covid-19, Global economy, Vaccination campaign


The Covid-19 pandemic, initially a health crisis causing loss of life, has resulted over time in a global economic crisis following the various measures taken by the political authorities to limit its spread. Thus, by destabilizing the global economy, the Covid-19 pandemic will negatively affect the activity of southern African countries which has recorded more than 4 million positive cases of Covid-19 for more than 110 thousand deaths. The health crisis is an unpredictable shock that will disrupt the macroeconomic balances of the countries of this region, which are major exporters of mineral raw materials and at the same time recipients of external financial flows in terms of official development aid. The containment measures will lead to an increase in unemployment, a decrease in incomes and therefore an increase in poverty. On the other hand, this crisis will lead to a fall in consumption, tax revenues and consequently a decline in production. The vaccination campaign in the region has not yet reached its objectives and the number of vaccinees is still very low due to the shortage and slow deployment of vaccines and the reluctance of the population.