Tribological Characterization of Lubricants Oil with Nano Concentrated Highly Ash Egyptian Petroleum Coke and Calcium Palmitate Part 1

A.Mohamed Omar



The effects of calcium palmitate (CAP) alone and in conjunction with petroleum coke were studied after flotation processes on wear and corrosion of steel in base oil. The results of the investigation demonstrated that a synergism effective as anti-wear and inhibitor of corrosion between calcium palmitate and petroleum coke. The effects of calcium palmitate (CAP) alone and in conjunction with other minerals dispersed in petroleum coke were investigated. As the results reduce the corrosion rate of steel and it’s wearing. Photographic analysis of steel inhibited steel reveals that it is cleaner than blank steel. X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analysis confirmed the adsorbed film and its composition. The results show that wear resistance increased by about 80% and anticorrosion performance increased by about 85%. These findings were explored in terms of the CAP's adsorption isotherm at solid-liquid interface. Also, the XPS confirm that the synergistic action of mixed CAP and petroleum coke with highly ash content after flotation processes


: lubricating oil, additives, petroleum coke, flotation, antiwear, anticorrosion.A.M.A.Omar

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