Correction of the article about the Automatic Mechanical Injection System Modeling with the Related Efficiencies

A. Louiz


In many industrial fields, there is an ever growing market demand for highly profitable engines. This fact encouraged to produce very developed engine parts, namely sophisticated injection systems. Consequently, the electronically enhanced injection systems are becoming very widespread for their high efficiency and cause the mechanical automatic systems to be neglected without enough studies. However, the electronically commanded injection is difficult to maintain because of the risks of short-circuits, and it is also difficult and expensive to repair since its captors are in high pressure and temperature areas. This paper aims to introduce a mathematical study of the basic direct injection operation by proving formulas representing forces, velocities and the energy involved in the injection mechanical mechanism without any electronic or computational complications. This theoretical mathematical modeling is useful for the efficiency experimental studies in order to improve the manufacturing and maintenance of all direct injection systems.

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