Analysis of Buffer techniques in Lean distribution and theory of constraints in a distribution context

Yassine ERRAOUI, Abdelkabir CHARKAOUI


The current era of globalization is characterized by a growing dynamic change in all areas of social and economic life. This ever growing competition is necessary to address the manager to achieve higher performance and efficiency. One of these areas that has an important focus by managers is the distribution side in supply chain. The purpose is to smooth the flow of goods in the distribution network, in order to improve throughput, reduce inventory and make economic profits. In this context, Lean operations and theory of constraints are comprehensive philosophies that have a considerable contribution. This work concentrate on the concept of "buffering" in these approaches and discusses – based on it - the assessment of a new model in distribution networks. The results are about the guidelines of applying buffer management techniques in distribution, putting the first overview of a new model concerning the optimization of flow in distribution networks.


Distribution; Lean distribution; Buffer; Theory of constraints; Drum Buffer Rope.

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