Safety and security as risk management factors in supply chains

Mostapha AZOUZI, Ilham IQQI, Mostapha AMRI


Today in the field of supply chain safety and security faces a significant challenge due to the lack of standardization and harmonization of regulations and practices. Each country, region or industry may have different safety and security requirements, standards, and protocols, making it difficult for organizations to maintain compliance and consistency across their supply chain. This can lead to inefficiencies, increased costs, and a reduced ability to respond to safety and security risks effectively.

Additionally, the increasing complexity and globalization of supply chains make it challenging to monitor and control safety and security risks throughout the entire supply chain. The use of multiple suppliers, intermediaries, and transportation modes increases the potential for security breaches and makes it difficult to ensure consistent implementation of safety and security measures.

These challenges highlight the importance of continuous improvement and the need for organizations to regularly assess and improve their safety and security processes and practices in the supply chain.


Supply chain; safety; security; risk management; factors.

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