The Supply Chain 4.0 in Moroccan automotive companies: a state of art.

Abdellah Sassi, Mohamed Ben Ali, Hassan Ifassiouen, Kenza Sahaf, Said Rifai


Now more than ever, improving the efficiency of a company’s supply chain has become an asset for maintaining a competitive advantage also to meet the overall sustainability challenges related to the environmental pillar that must have a positive effect on the environment such as minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, for Moroccan companies, the integration of the industry 4.0 enabling technologies can improve and give a new impetus especially for the automotive industry. The success of this integration begins with the study of the industry 4.0 technologies and the supply chain 4.0 and their impact on automotive companies’ performance. The present study is based on a systematic literature review using quantitative and qualitative collected data, a statistical method will be applied to the current literature, on the international and national scales, to study and make further use of the major writings on the subject of this communication, especially in Morocco and similar developing countries by presenting the number of articles published so far also the main definitions and aspects treated by these studies, to provide a global vision on the current literature and encourage more searches to fill the gap, since the Moroccan industries don’t give the necessary importance to this topic. 


Supply Chain 4.0, Industry 4.0, Automotive industry, Morocco

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