Autonomy, Governance and Quality Assurance in Tunisia:‎ Case of Center of Biotechnology of Sfax

abdallah choura, Raoudha Kammoun


The objective of this article is to prove that managerial practice in a ‎research structure can be strengthened through the establishment of ‎a results-oriented management mode (QSE & accreditation) and ‎the adoption of a sustainable system for planning, implementing, ‎and monitoring its strategy, as well as the development of a system ‎for continuously improving its performance.‎

Major governance changes associated with recognition through the ‎certification of the QSE system and accreditation of three analytical ‎parameters will strengthen the credibility regarding the socio-‎economic environment and the national, and international partners.‎


CBS, Quality, Environment, Security (QSE), governance, ‎continuous improvement, performance, Integrated System, ‎management.‎

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