The contribution of extracts from medicinal plants to the research of corrosion inhibition


  • G. En-Nabety
  • S. Es-Sehli
  • K. Azzaoui



Natural plants, anticorrosive properties, extract, gravimetric test.


The increasing interest in natural plants, fueled by the discovery of highly effective elements with diverse beneficial biological properties, underscores the quest for novel compounds from natural sources. This study focuses on exploring the anticorrosive potential of the aqueous extract from two specific plants within this broader context. In the initial phase, which centers on extraction methods, the hexane extract from Molene, obtained through Soxhlet extraction, proves to be particularly promising, boasting the highest yield at 39 percent. Gravimetric test results affirm a commendable level of inhibitory efficiency. Notably, among the various extracts, EHM and EHC demonstrate significant anticorrosive activity, with the EmM extract displaying a notable level of efficiency. Finally, the gravimetric method is employed to characterize corrosion-inhibiting qualities, revealing that Molene extracts obtained through diverse methods consistently exhibit the highest activity. This study contributes valuable insights into the potential of natural plant extracts as effective anticorrosive agents, with a specific emphasis on the significance of extraction methods in optimizing their inhibitory properties.