The Group of Companies Facing the Moroccan Insolvency Law: Overview and Perspective

Miya Slamti


The corporate group is a fundamental concept in business law. This concept has undergone considerable deployment in the national circle and beyond. The concept of the corporate group is of concern to all lawyers, but today it is of particular interest to specialists in the law of companies in difficulty. The notion of a group of companies seems to be neglected by this law, which takes refuge behind the idea that without legal personality there can be no collective proceedings. However, it would seem that the group concept is becoming established in insolvency law. The corporate group raises real problems and challenges for debtor company managers, but also for the legislative and judicial authorities. It would therefore be appropriate to take stock of the situation in this area and to propose reforms and recommendations with reference to comparative legislation.


Group of companies; Moroccan law on companies in difficulty; Comparative Law; Collective Procedure; Confusion of assets and liabilities; Single jurisdiction; Coordinated procedure

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