Educational Policy and Language Acquisition in Morocco: What Roles for ELT inspectorates?


  • Aziz Moummou Hassan II University, Casablanca, LALITRA Lab.
  • Said Fathi Hassan II University, Casablanca, Morocco.


educational language policy, ELT inspectorates, Covid 19, self-directed learning


The Achilles' heel of educational language policy research is making connections between educational policy levels, discourses, and language practices. The paper is part of a longitudinal research that takes up the challenge. The focus is on meso-level educational policy arbiters. It will explore Moroccan ELT inspectorates’ agency in creating implementational spaces for selfdirected learning during Covid 19 pandemic. The study leverages critical discourse analytic tools: interdiscursivity and intertextuality to address paucity of research about meso-level agency in Morocco. A preliminary finding shows that conceptual ambivalence among ELT inspectors predicts conflicting voices. A second finding indicates dominance of central discourse which constrains the agentive role of educational inspectorates. The study concludes with some recommendations for future research to empower educational inspectors’ discourse.


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