Challenges in Implementing English for Specific Purposes: A Study of Science Major Students at ENS-Rabat

Nada Biddou, Asmae Boukanouf, Abdellatif Al Ghadi


Designing an ESP course for Higher Education is often criticized for weak planning and implementation. Foreign language pedagogy in Morocco is a challenging and a complex area of research especially when investigating language teaching and learning in higher education. The present study sets rather general and controversial principles of English language teaching in higher education in general, and in ESP in particular. We conducted focus groups with 97 students, whom we divided into three groups. The findings promote that the learners’ motivation, needs, and course content are the foundations that support a successful implementation of an ESP course. We found that science students at ENS-Rabat were divided into those whose motivation is greatly impacted by course content and those whose motivation is influenced by extraneous factors.


ESP, Students’ Motivation, English in Higher Education

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Biddou, N., Boukanouf, A., & Al Ghadi, A. (2019). English for Specific Purposes: A Study of Science Major Students’ Needs at ENS-Rabat. International Arab Journal of English for Specific Purposes, 2(1), 18-29. Retrieved from

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