Exploring Natural Science Students’ Perceptions of their English Language Needs and their Appraisal of the ESP Courses in Burundi Context

Arcade Nduwimana, Vicent Louis


The present study explored natural science students ‘perceptions of their English language needs at two main public higher education institutions in Burundi. It also examined their appraisal of the ESP course. The study was conducted on second year students and the data were collected by means of a face-to-face semi-structured interview which was carried out with 27 students. The collected data were analysed using thematic analysis. Therefore, a qualitative data analysis software (Weft QDA) was used. The analysis of the results indicated that students need English language for their studies while reading scientific texts and searching on internet.  Students also displayed strong preference for speaking skill and group activities. Regarding their appraisal of the ESP course, although they acknowledged that contents are related to their fields of study, they insisted that the time for the English course is very short and hence they cannot acquire all the necessary skills in English.


ESP, natural science students, English language needs, Burundi

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