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Run by the Centre for Geographical Studies and Research (CERGéo) at Mohammed V University-Agdal, GéoDév.ma is not an institutional journal specific to the centre. It is a scientific journal open not only to the scientific community of geographers, but also includes other disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences that share territorial, environmental and developmental dimensions. Publications in this journal are not restricted to the results of research carried out by CERGéo research teams, but aims at broadening its perspective to include a maximum number of researchers, particularly the young ones. Contributions of decision-makers, managers and actors of development are equally welcome.


GéoDév.ma publishes articles on geography and other disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences which deal with issues of development from a territorial or spatial approach and environmental dimension, regardless of location. Although particular emphasis is directed to issues in Morocco, its articles can however, deal with other countries and areas in a comparative approach with Morocco. It also targets publications and writings by young researchers at the post doctoral level or at the verge of defending their doctoral theses, as well as book reviews and proceedings of scientific manifestations in accordance with its themes.


It is an online journal, continuously published, which means that articles are made available online, gradually as they are received and edited. This implies a more rapid publication of the journal issues than the classical model and guarantees visibility of the authors and their work. The referencing of articles will comprise the year of publication. By the end of each year, the published content during that same year will appear on a print dated and numbered version.


GéoDév.ma aims at meeting international standards. For this reason, it adopted an editorial board and an international scientific board composed of highly qualified researchers working on or who have worked on Morocco and are acquainted with its space and society.  Thanks to the efforts of these two committees and the journal’s editorial workflow, the journal will ensure quality publications according to the international norm of peer reviewing.

To further meet those standards, the journal publishes in four languages: Arabic, French, Spanish and English.