Corporate social responsibility: What about companies in Algeria ?


  • Mokhtar KERMAS Université de Mascara, Faculté des Sciences Economiques, de Gestion et de Commerce.


Our starting point in this article is to explain the importance of CSR, its principles and the axes on which it is based.The Algerian economy is weakened by its shift towards market opening, and its structure makes it difficult to adopt a CSR strategy, in all of which it is the company which has difficulty in assuming its role as actor Social security. SMEs suffer from bureaucratic red tape, access to bank credit and tax complexity.It is also the absence of civil society and the ambiguity of regulations alongside the weak unionization. It would therefore be illusory to believe that Algeria is at the same pace as the developed countries in terms of Social Responsibility.

Keywords. CSR, Algeria, Small and Medium Enterprises, Algerian Economy, CSR Strategy.