Epilepsy in Ghana: challenges, possibilities, future directions


  • Raymond Klevor Department of Neurology, Arrazi Hospital, Mohammed VI Teaching Hospital, Marrakesh

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Epilepsy, Ghana, Africa, Challenges


Some 50 million people worldwide are living with epilepsy. In sub-Saharan Africa, plagued by poverty and underdevelopment, the illness takes a significant toll on the 15 million inhabitants living with the condition. In Ghana, there are 270 000 people living epilepsy; that is 1% of the population. There are several challenges to the management of epilepsy in the country. The limited healthcare system, unscientific understanding and mystical perception of the illness, poverty and insufficient education and sensitization, as well as etiological peculiarities are major concerns. These nothwithstanding, political efforts, increased sensitization, research collaborations, the creation of opportunities for healthcare workers to better their skills are possible solutions to the challenges faced in epilepsy management in Ghana.






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