African and Middle East Epilepsy Journal: An Eight-Year Editorial Path

Yahya Naji, Najib Kissani


African & Middle East Epilepsy Journal (AMEEJ) is a bilingual (English and French) journal specializing in epilepsy. It is published in Marrakech from 2012 and printed at the rate of 6 issues per year. Professor N. Kissani took care to develop this journal by inviting a committee of renowned readers. The geographical distribution of the AMEEJ is international and diversified, focusing on Africa and the Middle East. We analyzed all the published volume over the past 8 years. Of the 232 published papers from 36 different countries, the majority comes from Africa while the rest is distributed on all the other continents. Through our study we ranked into 3 categories the 36 countries according to their number of articles appeared in the AMEEJ. All over these 8 years, AMEEJ facilitate the health research for all medical and paramedical staff, in order to advance the research level on epilepsy in Africa.



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