Study of the effect of market orientation on the performance of Moroccan SMEs through managerial innovation and competitive advantage


  • Abderrahman MESSAOUDI Laboratoire LAREMEF, ENSA, USMBA, Fès
  • Youssef Karim LAHLIMI Doctorant en Sciences de Gestion, Laboratoire de Recherche Nouvelles Pratiques de Gestion, Université Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Maroc


Mots-clés :

Managerial innovation, market orientation, competitive advantage, performance.


Today, Moroccan SMEs have to adapt their strategies to a volatile and unpredictable economic environment. As a result, they are faced with a whole range of challenges to which they need to find appropriate solutions to enable them to achieve growth and ensure the long-term future of their business. And, as a result, to stay one step ahead of their competitors. As a result, market orientation is an aspect of organizational culture that efficiently and effectively produces the behaviours needed to create superior value for buyers, and thus ongoing performance for the company.

It is in this perspective that we seek through this contribution to study the impact of market orientation on the performance of SMEs, as well as to unravel the mediating role of managerial innovation as a catalyst for improving the competitiveness of target companies.

In order to do this, we adopted a positivist epistemological approach, using hypothetico-deductive reasoning and a quantitative approach. The method of structural equations through the SMARTPLS 4 approach was used to test the hypotheses put forward. The results of the empirical survey of 67 Moroccan SMEs demonstrated that market orientation has a positive effect on SME performance via the simultaneous effect of the mediating variables. In this case, managerial innovation and competitive advantage.

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Abderrahman MESSAOUDI, Laboratoire LAREMEF, ENSA, USMBA, Fès

Déartement Génie Industriel, ENSA, Fès






Marketing, Commerce et Logistique