Determinants of entrepreneurial dynamics and economic performance of territorialized networks of organization: the case of Moroccan clusters


  • Mohamed EL KOTBI Laboratoire LAREMEF, ENSA, USMBA, Fès
  • Fatima Zahra ACHOUR Professor of Higher Education at the University Ibn Tofail, Faculty of Economics and Management of Kenitra, Laboratory of Economics and Management of Organizations.


Mots-clés :

Entrepreneurial dynamics, economic performance of clusters, innovation and territories


Today, entrepreneurship, through its dynamic activities, constitutes a strategic object and catalyst of economic and social development of clusters and poles as territorial networks of organisation dedicated exclusively to innovation and creativity. In this article, we will attempt to analyse, in the Moroccan context, the impact relationship between intra-cluster entrepreneurial dynamics and its performance. In this perspective, an important question can be asked: What is the impact of entrepreneurial dynamics on the economic performance of clusters?

In order to answer this question, we conducted a theoretical analysis with empirical studies from a quantitative approach. In this respect, we first tried to elaborate a theoretical corpus studying the place and role of the entrepreneurial dimension in the cluster development process, and then to verify the existence of an interaction link between these two variables. Secondly, we conducted a quantitative study via a questionnaire administered to a sample of 36 Moroccan clusters and competitiveness clusters.

The results show through statistical tests that there is a direct influence relationship, on the one hand, between the five explanatory variables: «proximity», «structure», «functioning», «behaviour» and «external environment» and the variable «entrepreneurial dynamics» and, on the other hand, between the latter as a mediating variable and the dependent variable namely the «economic performance of the cluster», adding also that another independent variable «innovation» has a direct positive impact on the dependent variable.

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Mohamed EL KOTBI, Laboratoire LAREMEF, ENSA, USMBA, Fès

Déartement Génie Industriel, ENSA, Fès






Entrepreneuriat et Management des Territoires