Managerial innovation: how to implement innovative management practices


  • Ikram SELKANI Laboratoire LAREMEF, ENSA, USMBA, Fès


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Management, Direction, Innovation, Managerial innovation


Managerial innovation is viewed as advancement in management practices and greatly interests businesses who want to abandon the traditional ways of doing things and start using alternative methods that value the well-being of their workers while still improving their efficiency.

We talk about managerial innovation, which can be described as a substantial deviation from conventional management concepts, procedures, and methods, or a departure from the traditional models of management that have been used in the past (Hamel, 2006).

Revising the old management practices and the new ones to understand the differences. There are some techniques of the managerial innovation explained in this paper: Design thinking, Hackathon, …

When discussing innovation, we come across various concepts, one of which is Alter's (2015), who describes innovation as a mechanism that turns a discovery, whether it includes a strategy, a substance, or a social report design, into new practices.

A learning network is a ‘a-hierarchical interaction to deal with a topic that causes active involvement. The learning network provides an incentive for individuals to build collective intelligence by placing them in contexts of collective thought and intervention (Autissier et al., 2016), for example.

Managerial innovation is a new approach that should be understood and applied inside of the companies. The examples in this article witness the necessity of having a new manner of doing things even as a manager.

(Hamel, 2007) defines the managerial innovation as: ‘it is all that changes how the tasks or the traditional structures are managed in order to better achieve its objectives.

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