Strategic planning adoption by small and medium enterprises: Exploring the experience of Moroccan SMEs



Given the critical role that SMEs play in the socioeconomic growth of their countries around the world, as well as their acknowledgment as a subject of scientific inquiry, academics and practitioners have demonstrated an increasing interest in studying the elements that contribute to their success. However, despite their importance, these entities suffer from several difficulties that hinder their development, among the main causes, the lack of strategic planning. The objective of this paper is to highlight the success key factors likely to influence strategic planning in Moroccan SMEs.


To do this, we conducted a qualitative exploratory study with 22 Moroccan Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) representing differing industries. In depth semi-structured interviews were used to collect data which was then examined using a conceptual grouping matrix as well as thematic content analysis.


The results of this study raise a range of factors both internally and externally that impact the adoption of strategic planning within the SME at Morocco.


Strategic planning ; small and medium enterprises ; key success factors; risk management; uncertainties; leadership

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