Managerial innovation: a new way of managing


  • Ikrame SELKANI Laboratoire LAREMEF, ENSA, USMBA, Fès


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The managerial innovation is perceived as an evolution of the management techniques, which constitutes in itself real importance towards the companies that would finish with the old modes and begin with the innovation techniques respecting the well-being of the employees and reaching better performance.

According to a survey conducted by Audencia Business School - Nantes - France in 2017, "71% of employees believe that the management of their company is little or no innovative".

Indeed, the experience of Fiat is that this approach takes place in an almost perfect environment of confidence, and where the spirit of cooperation is present.

What is the managerial innovation? Is it a new technique? How can we benefit from it?

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Ikrame SELKANI, Laboratoire LAREMEF, ENSA, USMBA, Fès

Déartement Génie Industriel, ENSA, Fès






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